Siglap Basketball Club was established since 1955. In 1959, Siglap participated in the 1st Singapore National Basketball League Men’s Division 1 (NBL) and finish the tournament with the placing of 1st runner-up. The following year 1960, Siglap Basketball Club clinched our first Singapore NBL title.
In 1961 and 1962, both years we only managed to achieve 1st runner-up. After a year of regrouping the team, we finally regain the NBL championship title in 1963 and defended our title in the following year. From 1965 to 1967 the team finish with a bronze medal for three consecutively years. With the past experience, Siglap Basketball Club strives hard and clinches the championship title in 1969 and 1970 for both years.
For the past 12 years participating in the Singapore National Basketball League with a record of 11 times playing in the NBL final and finishing with 5 times clinching the title, 6 times runner-up and 1 bronze medal in one of the year.
In 1995 Siglap committee decided to re-participate in the Singapore National Basketball League Qualifying round. And in 2000 team Siglap successfully qualified for the NBL Men’s Division 1. During the next few years, team Siglap managed to break their way to the playoff but did not clinch any of the championship title. So the management decided to regroup the whole team in 2005. Finally in 2008 Siglap basketball club won the Singapore National Basketball League Division 2 Champion and was promoted to Division 1. In 2010 Siglap finish with a bronze medal. Finally in 2011, team Siglap perform a high standard of basketball skills and fighting spirit. The team clinch the Singapore National Basketball League Division 1 Championship title once again after 41 years.
In the past years, we had groomed uncountable excellent players who are selected and represented the Singapore National Team in various International tournaments.




1995年重新报名参加外围赛,后来篮总杯改制成甲乙组升降制,2000年成功升级甲组,间中多次名列四强。2005年降级乙组后大胆换血,经过三年的努力,终于在2008年获得乙组赛冠军,重新晋级甲组。2010年以4分之差击败军团夺得季军。2011年,实乞纳男篮终于再次摘下代表新加坡最高水平的篮总杯。 2012年止步于半决赛,仅获季军。